Monday, December 10, 2007

Fuji Watch Day 7 and More

Humans Flying Like Squirrels, Hoping to Land With No Chute - Skydiving with no parachute, just a Rocky the Flying Squirrel costume. Now there's an idea. The Rocky flight suit - perfect Christmas gift for that daredevil you never really liked. Apparently it's relatively easy to be Rocky in the air, but so far would-be fliers are still worried they will turn into Bullwinkle on the landing. A high tech race is on to develop the first suit/technique capable of gliding to a landing with no parachute. The fliers are working in their labs, but not talking. Apparently Boris and Natasha are ever watchful in this race to be first in flight.
After Setback, Chavez Makes The Clocks Fall Behind - Hugo Chavez moves Venezuelan time back one-half hour, joining Afghanistan, India, Iran and Myanmar. First, ouch -worst headline ever. Setback in Constitutional vote and set clocks back? Headline unworthy of Post. Second, If India would just rejoin the world, the half-hour time club would become a hit list of places no sane traveler would visit. This could be the first step in the direction of the world becoming a sci-fi like duality of two dimensions, coexisting in space with no awareness of one another, the "out of phase" parallel universe.
Ex-President Stands Trial in Edgy Peru - Fuji claims he didn't know about the death squads organized by his intelligence chief Montesinos, despite testimony to the contrary. Fuji's claim is doubtful, but even if it were true, what kind of leader allows an aide to become a dictator, running the military and the judiciary, and then claims he didn't know what was going on? By the way "Edgy"? - Very bad day for headline writers. This is not about a performance artist in Williamsburg, we are talking about a country that was badly damaged under years of rule by a leftist military junta. Now Peru embarks on a judicial proceeding that may, in effect, put its military leaders on trial with its former President.

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