Thursday, December 13, 2007

moonstruck + one answer only

Thanks to the writer's strike I saw Steve Martin interviewed by Charlie Rose and remembered SNL in the 1970s. Steve Martin was not just funny, he was doing something new. He could present 3 stooges level farce, an arrow through his head _ yeah OK_ , and sell it as irony. Hip irony was already old news, even in 1972, but the farce worked on both levels and ......he was a wild and crazy guy.

Also thanks to the writer's stike, I saw the Suns - Jazz game. Play team defense, make the extra pass, hit the open man instead of the popcorn machine on the give and go, I got a basketball jones oh baby ooh ooh ooh. Fire Zeke and bring the NBA back to NYC.

40 Down - Hoops bloopers: airballs

Zeke and Mr. Dolan are very lucky - that answer could easily have been nyknicks

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