Sunday, September 30, 2007

Comment Safari

As Good As News scours the remote corners of the globe to bring you comments not published elsewhere-

"8PM Tuesdays on ABC" - Translated from pictographs recently unearthed on a cave wall in ruins beneath Stonehenge

"For a good time -Call 1-800-666-6666, ask for Ahmadinejad - tell no one else why you are calling." From men's rooms in Iran's parliament and Minneapolis airport.

"Bride Wanted, limited duty, you will need to work only one out of five conjugal visits, over age 14 need not apply" posted by Warren Jeffs on

"You Are The Real Terrorists" posted by Ahmadinejad on

"Backtrace and scour referenced post for Bin Laden links ASAP" from CIA e-mail to NSA

"Alms, we don't need no stinkin alms" - On the bottom of an overturned bowl held out to riot police by Burmese monk.

"MoveOn plans comment Tsunami to crash conservative blogs, pass it on" posted by "A Real American" On

"We will target all sites posting the phrase "comment Tsunami" "- from an e-mail sent to all MoveOn members.

"Run Newt Run!" posted by "a loyal American" on

""Run Newt Run!" makes a bolder, catchier statement than "Please Run Newt", lets "Run" with it, Norah" - from an e-mail sent by Newt Gingrich to Lawlor Media Group.

"I read your damn book" - from Patton to Rommel and from the bulletin board in the Arizona Cardinals locker room today - Cards will lose to Steelers despite hiring three of their 2006 coaches.

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