Thursday, September 13, 2007

Headline Crawl

To regular readers - As Good As News had two posts yesterday instead of the normal one-a-day. If you did not see "Decider Picks None of the Above" please read it now, it is one of my all time favorites. Thanks to some overnight edits it might even be worth a second read.

Today's headlines speak for themselves, join an As Good As News headline crawl.

Google Claims Ultimate Perk: NASA Runway - Not so fast, NY Times, Google and NASA are negotiating the ultimate perk now, the first space time share - for executive vacations on the space station - complete with transport on space shuttle.

Russia: A Day For Making Babies - The Governor of Ulyanskov region tells employers, "send the workers home so they can make a baby." Apparently this is the Russian version of Mother's Day. This could catch on in New Jersey.

Scientists' Good News: Earth May Survive Sun's Demise in 5 Billion Years - Earth may survive. Life, including human life, will not. When the sun runs out of hydrogen it will expand into a red giant, gaining volume but losing half its mass, switch to a helium-carbon reaction and ultimately turn into a white dwarf. The third rock might turn into the first rock and just keep on spinning around the sun, but no one will be around to care. This might conceivably be news (in an astronomy journal), but why is it "Good" news?

Deal to Bar Large Dairies Near Town Blacks Built - Just because the milk is white?

Vacant Houses Scourge of a Beaten Down Buffalo - admittedly a serious problem, but everyone knows that Buffalo's scourge is four super bowl losses.

About 60 Bombardier Planes Grounded After Crash Landings - Duh- wouldn't this be news only if the planes were flying after they crash landed?

In This Front Row, Downtown Cred - Now we get it, it being Cathy Horyn's unprovoked attack on Posh Spice (see yesterday's post) - Ms Horyn was in a room packed with D-List celebrities, Kathy Griffin had her hands full defending herself against the Pope's counterattack - someone had to do it.

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