Monday, September 10, 2007

Couch Potato Propaganda

Nathan Jones, graduate of Rutgers and Scotch Plains-Fanwood H.S., is on the Cowboy roster for a fourth year. Listed as a backup cornerback, he made the stop for the Cowboy's on the opening kick-off, nearly causing a fumble. On the Cowboy's next special teams play Nate wrapped up the holder after a bad snap, for two tackles in his first two trips onto the field. Even those who detest America's team can root for Nate Jones, a collegiate Academic All -American and a good citizen from way back when he spoke to the PAL football banquet as the star of the high school team.

A Stir, but No Crisis, From Principal's Gender Change - The principal of Ulster County's Career and Technical Center came back as a woman this Fall. Yawn. Most took it in stride, but Michael Locasio complained, "God makes things perfect and people want to screw it all up." Mr. Locasio seems to have no connection whatsoever to the school. Not clear why he was included in the story, but for the exciting contrast between his quote and the fact that he owns a tattoo parlor. I don't think the Times did this just to make fun of Mr. Locasio, I think they did it to drive As Good As News crazy. Suck us in with the irrelevant, but irresistible quote, then torture us with yet another insoluble headline capitalization brain teaser. Can anyone explain why "but" is not capitalized in the story title but "From" is?

Still Married With Children , But Trading Insults in Russian - so now "But" is capitalized but "in" isn't"? This story is great news for all Americans. OK, Putin is sounding more and more like a wild West capitalist version of Hitler, claiming the North Pole as Russian territory, supporting Serbia's saber rattling in Kosovo, establishing youth gangs who will make him President for life, prosecuting political dissidents on trumped up charges. All bad, agreed. But how worried can you really be about a country that takes Russian language retreads of "Married with Children" to its heart as a top rated show. Give the would be brown shirts another decade in the new Russia and the Putin Youth will turn into couch potatoes who want to join the Air National Guard to make sure they won't see combat. Even in the still photo you can see the Russian "Peg" has really captured the spirit of the original.

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