Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fuji Watch - Day 3

As Ex President Faces Trial, a Reckoning for Peru - For the second day in a row, NY Times runs a major background story despite the absence of any significant development. Where were you guys when Fuji and Vlad were actually doing all the stuff for which Fuji will now stand trial? In any event, a little more background on the background. Vladimiro Montesinos was the chief of SIN, the aptly acronymed Peruvian military intelligence agency, under Fuji. Vlad somehow parlayed an undistinguished military career into a role as the man who really ran the country, probably because he had enough photos and tapes to blackmail every official in the government. Vlad's life story is beyond belief, this is the guy J. Edgar Hoover wanted to become and yet somehow simultaneously his dream date. Vlad even taped himself accepting bribes. His theory was that this would give him more dirt to use on the party giving the bribe. This proved to be a big OOPs when Fuji fled and the tapes were discovered.

Vlad was eventually grabbed, despite plastic surgery that allowed him to elude capture for months. He now resides in a luxurious prison cell in Lima. Rumor has it that he still wields considerable influence from prison - a rumor I believe to be true based on observation of events that are hard to explain with any other theory.
Pictured - a monument to the innocent victims of Fuji's war on terror, vandalized with orange paint, the color of Fuji's party.

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