Thursday, September 20, 2007

Disclaimer #3

3 posts in one day - a new record and fitting testimony to the comedy opportunities overwhelming today's headlines. Don't miss today's earlier posts - on Couch Surfing and Market Timing.

The disclaimer - this is not a real post. For now, As Good As News will resist temptation. Let the vast universe of video oriented bloggers handle OJ's sting operation (planned and led by Leslie Nielsen) and Kerry's taser victim (who seemed to be asking for it - would anyone have even thought to taser this guy if he had just gone quietly limp instead of screaming don't taser me - don't throw me into that brier patch). mhass30, C&C R, where are you?

If you have a minute to spare, picture Judge Judy. Now read Judge Who Chastised Weeping Asylum Seeker is Taken Off Case. Caught you moonlighting, Judge Judy, nobody is buying that Noel Ferris alias. Next time make up a realistic name.

Now picture silly string - in the hands of a combat soldier in Iraq trying to spot the trip wire that will detonate a booby trap bomb. Now picture more silly string, stacked in boxes in New Jersey because no one can ship it to the soldiers in Iraq who want it. Toy Goo Might Save Some Soldiers' Lives, But It's Stuck Here is the link, but don't bother. The headline tells the whole story.

Picture a Couch Surfer who just won't go away. What do you do? Make your house disappear. An Irish House Hides In Plain Sight.

Pity the poor college freshman who returns at Thanksgiving to find the dump she loved and left behind converted into a "real Martha Stewart bed and breakfast" (You just can't escape those Barnard grads) in Refeathering The Empty Nest. No pity here. The student is lucky she didn't return to find a lodger in her old bed as her parents struggled desperately to cover the cost of Middlebury College tuition. In fact, she's lucky her parents didn't just move with no forwarding address, the approach recommended in "Just Retired" - one of the clips at the MySpace site linked in the right hand column.

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