Monday, September 17, 2007

Male Boomers 1 for 3

This Is Your (Father's) Brain on Drugs - Brain science (the latest being a study on the lag between puberty and cognitive control) explains risky teen behavior - not so fast says Mike Males. Look at who is really misbehaving. In the 35 to 54 age bracket, deaths from overdoses are up 550%; arrests exceed 4 million, including 1 million for violent crimes and over a million for drug and drinking offenses - with major felonies up 200% since 1975. Middle agers are at 30% greater risk for fatal accident or suicide than those 15-19. Record numbers are in prison. Middle aged binge drinkers outnumber college and teens combined. It looks like some of the greatest generation's children never grew up.

After Scandal, HBO's Former Leader Lands at IMG - Chris Albrecht, former CEO of HBO, is taking a job as head of IMG's media unit and starting his own hedge fund. Mr. Albrecht was forced to resign from HBO in May after he was arrested and charged with assaulting a girl friend. Earlier HBO had paid $400,000 in a settlement with an employee who worked under Mr. Albrecht and accused him of choking her during an office confrontation. Albrecht blamed his problems on alcoholism and didn't seem all that apologetic. "I made a big mistake and I paid a big price...this was...not going to define my entire life." What exactly was the big price, a vacation between cushy jobs? Mr. Albrecht doesn't seem very sorry about assaulting these women (and there may be more than the two that became public). Why didn't he make some changes after the first assault, instead of using HBO money to hush it up and pretending nothing happened? Sarah Jessica Parker and David Chase couldn't contain their support - both expressed their future willingness to work with Mr. Albrecht. Of course Chase and Parker are both grateful to Albrecht and HBO for past success and both may want to deal with IMG in the future, but you can avoid comment without making enemies. Ms Parker was particularly annoying - "I would never be reluctant to work with him again. Maybe I'm being Pollyanna-ish, but people want to work with people who have been successful." Sarah also announced her new production venture with Adolf Hitler - "a guy with a history of success, someone who really makes the trains run on time will be invaluable in a business where it's tough to contain costs." And she was such a nice girl in Square Pegs.

With Famed Players, Game Takes on Madden's Turf - a Madden quality football video game that features great players from the past. Johnny Unitas, Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders back in action, who could resist. It's enough to make us boomers stay at home, cut back on the binge drinking and the violent crime.

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