Saturday, September 22, 2007

What Does IHTFP Mean Again?

Pictured - A shot from rediscovered Spanish Civil War photographer Gerda Taro - note the stylish but practical heels on our Republican soldier in training.

Pictured - The Tesla Roadster - An electric car, it costs $100,000 but the batteries are included.

Chileans Order Peru's Ex-Chief Home For Trial - Alberto Fujimori, President of Peru for four terms (this guy did not let a little thing like a constitutional term limit stop him) is returning. He let his henchman Montesinos loot the Peruvian treasury and use SIN (the apppropriately acronymed national intelligence service) to terrorize the country. Fujimori presided over a bureaucracy that was paralyzed with corruption and fear, fled with a planeload of cash and thought he would somehow return in triumph when his successors stumbled. Instead he was detoured into a Chilean jail, but now he gets his wish - a return to Peru. As Good As News is looking forward to an interesting trial - although we know from sad experience that the outcome will be determined by politics, not the law and the facts. We will definitely keep you posted on this and there will be opportunity aplenty for humor.

Case Against Polygamist Goes to the Jury in Utah - One mystery solved. Prosecutors are not using statutory rape charges because a 14 year old may have consensual sex in Utah. Good to know. As Good As News still fears that failure to charge the victim's husband/cousin/rapist with anything means that Warren Jeff's will be acquitted on the charge of accomplice to rape. The jury is out.

At State Dept., Blog Team Joins Muslim Debate - Welcome, Digital Outreach Team. Post a comment on Top Ten Reasons to Visit Iran Now (June 24) or The Fatwa at Home and Abroad (June 12). You will not be flamed by our genteel readers, you have an As Good As News guaranty.

Her Taste in Art? Scary, Police Say - MIT sophomore Star A. Simpson was arrested at Logan Airport yesterday after she inquired about an arriving passenger while dressed as a pseudo suicide bomber. The costume, intended to entertain career day visitors and plug Electrical Engineering, consisted of a black hoodie with a lit circuit board and battery attached to the front, "Socket To Me Course VI" (and you groaned at plug electrical engineering) on the back and a lump of clay in Ms Simpson's hand. Too obvious to be really scary? Maybe, but State Police were not amused by the hoodie homage to Bill Belichik and they were prepared to use deadly force on Ms Simpson. This will not go into the Journal of The Institute for Hacks, TomfoFoolery and Pranks at MIT. MIT alums will remember what IHTFP really means, and some may remember an old prank that shows how times have changed. As a Yale at Harvard football game neared halftime - back before Division IAA when Ivy League ball meant a little more - the young announcer Brent Mussberger fearfully announced the end of the universe as a mini-explosion, essentially a firecracker, dislodged a small square of turf on the field. The crowd watched calmly and a few seconds later a balloon rose, announcing the presence of MIT with the message MIT 1-Harvard 0, all on national TV. Mussberger looked like an idiot, a role he has reprised throughout his career. The game continued and a good time was had by all. The crowd reaction would be understandably different today, this type of prank stopped being a prank on 9/11. Star Simpson should have known better, but she's a college sophomore. Can we plead this way down, and give her, at worst, a short suspended sentence with a chance to have her record expunged if it doesn't happen again?

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