Monday, June 11, 2007

Albania, Mitt & Tony - Don't Stop Believing

George W. Bush is greeted as a hero in Albania, leading immediately to calls for a complete overhaul of the Albanian educational system. Republican National Committee officials report Karl Rove is developing a plan to annex Albania as the 51st state before 2008 while the House majority leadership met unofficially with the Albanian Ambassador to explore an indefinite extension of the President's visit. All kidding aside, it is great that a place which sufferred for years under a Maoist dictatorship still appreciates what freedom and democracy are all about - If only the other state capitals would be as loyal as the Albanians.

Mormon's express concern over scrutiny resulting from Romney candidacy - "we just want to be accepted" - as Romney campaign reshoots all television advertising following determination that wife #2 is more telegenic.

Soparano's writing team turns to Iraq exit strategy after final episode demonstrates that no matter how ominous the setting, you can always find some way to end it without a bloodbath.

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