Wednesday, June 13, 2007

School's Out

School ends and the joyful expectation of Summer is muted only by - report cards.
NYC Schools get a monster A in Math. This operation had "needs improvement " checked for decades before Bloomberg came along.

Iraqi politicians earn an F - - (the first "-" is part of the grade, the second is punctuation) no progress toward any legislative benchmark, and "does not play well with others" marked in indelible ink. Three groups at war with one another could not agree on new laws that a foreign country, us, expects to see. Surprise. Either stop propping these guys up and find out if anyone in Iraq really wants Iraq to be one country, or see if NYC will loan them Bloomberg.

Some New Jersey banks, including mine, get an Incomplete for "no hats" policy imposed in wake of a string of successful robberies by the Mad Hatter. So far the policy is just a request, one linked to a clear and specific security threat. Mad Hatter rumored to be wig shopping as banks ponder loss of business in the all important bald guy demographic.

An ARRRRR to Canvasback Missions, a Christian mission that provides medical services to South Pacific Islands. The Mission received two retired Coast Guard cutters - use was limited to the supply of medical supplies and services to South Pacific Islanders and the boats were to be available for reclamation by the Coast Guard. Canvasback never got the boats out of California, sold them when it needed funds and used the monies as general revenues supporting its evangelical as well as its medical mission. What's an ARRRR? - the grade you get when you interpret "Thou shalt not steal" the same way Captain Jack Sparrow interprets Pirate law - it's more like a guideline really. Canvasback provides valuable services, it needed the money. The big F here goes to Congress for using earmark grants to avoid the limited supervision we normally have on use of government grants by faith based groups.

Announcements - please stand for a moment of silent prayer or meditation. This blog and my myspace page will be undergoing revision and migration. Posts will be sporadic to nonexistent over the next few days. Contrary to initial appearances this blog is not a shill for Bloomberg - I go where the headlines take me and he is on a hot streak. I will become a Bloomberg shill if he keeps it up for an extended period.

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