Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Show Tonight

Today' s post will be brief as I'm getting ready for tonight's appearance at Carolines.

NY Time's item on a virtual fence under construction along the Mexican border reminds me of the old Emily Litella routine Gilda Radner did on Saturday Night Live.

This fence is horrible, how can they put collars on all the Mexicans or how will they know which Mexicans or is it just the ones they deport so they aren't catching the same ones over and over.
----No Emily that's an invisible fence, ICE (fka INS) is building a virtual fence.

Science Times devotes entire section to developments in our understanding of evolution, achieved by applying genetics, embryology etc. As the story on paradigm shift points out, evolutionary theory still evolving. Hope for creationists? Always room to see hand of God in the workings of nature, but no real theoretical comfort here for anyone who needs to believe in the biblical story of creation as a literal. scientific fact. However, multidisciplinary efforts produce practical benefits for creationists as Creation Science keeps up with the times. Oral Roberts and Liberty U now posting for Creationist geneticists, embryologists, etc.

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