Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Failed States Recount

Sudan led this year's list of failed states, followed closely by Iraq. This was a fearsome competition, many states fail to deliver any services, several offer no semblance of stability or security, but only the select few go the extra mile and exterminate their own citizens on a wholesale basis. States to watch for next year - 1) The Peoples Republic of China - failed state watchers - do not be discouraged by years of stability, PRC still very much a government of men not laws. Consider production of medicines with intentional use of poison as a low cost ingredient, no problem in the PRC. PRC now captures market share in toys with low cost specials featuring lead paint and kerosene. For Christmas 2007 look for Suicide Bomber Barbie featuring a chest with real silicon implants and a back pack with real plastic explosive. If leaders are threatened look for PRC to revisit cultural revolution, move quickly into failed state contention 2) in a sleeper pick - New Jersey - Tony Soprano no longer around to keep peace in organized ....waste management.

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