Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

Mayor Bloomberg announced that he is no longer a Republican. From the GOP standpoint this was a trial run for the guest worker program, Bloomberg came, did the job and left. NYC thrives, the local party avoided a Democratic mayor for a couple of terms and Bloomberg actually helped GOP on national level. For Bloomberg it's an interesting statement from a guy who does not need GOP money to run for President. For old fashioned Republicans, it's a sad moment. Candidate who wants efficient government, balanced budget and civil liberties no longer welcome guest at this party. GOP now defined by religious right: anti-stem cell research, anti-evolution, anti-sex education, anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion. If Democrats could convince middle class voters they were serious about low taxes, the Republican party might be cancelled for lack of interest - unless they had a really good band.

Independent President an interesting possibility - no partisan bickering sounds nice, but can you get anything done with no party behind you in a system that's built around two parties? Sidebar on General Accounting Office inquiry into signing statements shows why people might give independent a chance. L'il Bush is presented with a newly passed bill and a simple choice - A) sign it into law and enforce it as CEO in constitutional scheme; or B) veto and find out if Congress will override. L'il Bush goes for none of the above, with blowhard signing statements that take ten pages to say "gotcha last". A President needs to deal with legitimate constitutional concerns, but if you are going to sign the bill then deal with the concerns quietly on a case- by-case basis. Out of control signing statements just one more round in grade school tit for tat - investigation should be run by qualified child psychologist, not General Accounting Office.

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