Friday, June 15, 2007

Tuxedo Crested Scooter Libby -Dwindling Species?

The National Audobon society reports population of twenty bird species is dwindling due to changing environmental conditions. Most prominent is the Tuxedo Crested Scooter Libby, which thrived inside the beltway in heady post 9/11 period and then did not fare well on encountering an invasive species of special prosecutor and a hawklike judge maintaining position atop avian food chain. If mating call for pardon goes unrequited, the Scooter Libby may establish interim nesting arrangements with the Long-throated Paris Hilton. The Scooter Libby belongs to the genus Adaptable Washington Insider, will not be surprising if this cagey veteran emerges from temporary captivity with renewed vigor - may use solitude to perfect singing voice, then expand habitat with tell-all guide to the nesting habits of the Bush administration.

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