Monday, June 18, 2007

Muscular Christianity?

Today's NY Times Caracas Journal describes Marxist militias forming in support of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Much is frightening here, including thought that militias will make Chavez President for life even after his disfunctional policies lead to disaster and disillusion, but what really catches the eye is the paragraph 1 reference to a mural of Jesus Christ armed with an assault rifle. Muscular Christianity on steroids? Perhaps German pope has revised some of the beatitudes - AK 47 not previously known for meekness. Just kidding - absolutely no established connection between Pope, mural and militia - but surely Mr. Romero will let us know if the militia starts wearing brown shirts.

Story on disappearing night life of politicians in Albany seems confused. Presumes Albany once had night life, also flies in the face of party-time reception Albanians just gave to President Bush.

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