Friday, June 22, 2007

Cheney Quiz

First, I promise a long break before I post anything that has anything to do with taxes again. I had to do research and then I kept thinking of edits all day long, it was too much like work.

I know my legions of reader thirst for a post on South America, but once again a thorough review of the NY Times shows no coverage. But for the occasional eruption of Mount Hugo one might think the entire continent was submerged, the onset of the global warming apocalypse.

So, we will settle for a short quiz suggested by page 1 headlines. We now know that an eldest child has an IQ three points higher, on average, than younger siblings but the eldest may be less adventurous, less prone to radical innovation. We also know that Dick Cheney's handling of official records led to questions from the cognizant oversight office - as we all know that would be.....the National Archives, Security Oversight Office (NASOO). My guess is that NASOO officials (Nassooers) were willing to look the other way when the Vice President classified every single document (witness Freedom of Information Act releases with 98% of text redacted) but they finally tried to draw the line when Cheney demanded Top Secret classification for his toe nail clippings. Enraged, Cheney's office resisted any further oversight. The courageous Nassooers objected and Dick went outside the box with a bold move to eliminate NASOO and exile the brave Nassooers to the darkness outside the beltway.

The quiz? Is Cheney the eldest - he was admitted to Yale (albeit as the only applicant from Wyoming and one who dropped out after a year) and met with much success as a conventional legislator and staffer early in his career - or is he a younger sibling - massive counterattack on unsuspecting Nassooers suggests potential for radical innovation. Imaginative none of the above answers (triplet son of Darth Vader born simultaneously with Luke and Leia) will be accepted.

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